I am a sign writer based in London. I found sign writing in 2017 after years of working as an artist and designer in areas such as set building, furniture, art fabrication, carpentry, illustration, and boat restoration. Sign writing brings together all the areas of my experience whilst including the many elements of visual expression that I love and, in fact, live for.

Importantly, it is a medium where quality can be refined and is appropriately appreciated.

I was taught the traditions and artistry of this beautiful, historic culture by some of the contemporary masters of sign writing, namely; Paul Myerscough of The Signpainter’s Academy, Joby Carter of Carter's Steam Fair, Ged Palmer of The Luminor Sign Co. and a number of other members of the colourful and characterful sign writing community.

I live on a traditional narrowboat on the River Lea, traveling continuously between London, Hertfordshire and Essex while working from my studio in East London.