Little redhead

Delicious Signs

In today's age of cheap, soul-less, computer aided design with the sandpaper-for-the-eyes aesthetic of plastic sticker vinyl signs (which present a lifespan of a matter of months), there is a renaissance of traditional hand painted signs rising up to save our high streets, our pubs, our cafe's and our very souls from a future of heartless, shallow, aesthetically lifeless environment! I found sign writing after years of working as an artist, designer and painter. Sign writing bought together all the areas of my experience whilst including all the elements of visual expression that I love and live for. Most importantly, it is a medium where quality can be refined and is appropriately recognised, appreciated and admired.

I learnt the trade from the old (but not that old!!), masters such as Paul Myerscough of Bespoke signs, Joby Carter of Carter's Steam Fair and a number of other members of the colourful and characterful global sign writing community. All of whom taught me to respect the traditions and the artistry of this wonderful medium.I myself live on a traditional narrowboat on the River Lea travelling continuously between London, Hertfordshire and Essex. This has been my love for more than ten years, with the culture and history of canal life being part of what led me to sign writing.

I work in all areas of the hand painted sign and mural world. Commercial and domestic commissions, logo design and more. I also manufacture signs and other wooden structures such as A-boards and storage systems prior to the painting stage of a project.

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